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Patio Doors

Our Patio Doors 

The French doors we sell and install at RRR are made to stand the test of time. Not only do our beautiful designs add aesthetic value to your home, they also match your décor and provide security all year round. Our French doors are versatile, double-glazed, and professionally fitted. 

- Do you have a draft coming from your patio doors? -


We have a large selection of doors to choose from when it comes to sliding patio doors. These include a Single sliding door, 2 panes with one sliding. Or a Centre parting with 4 panes and 2 sliding doors. Or a Triple track with 3 panes and 2 sliding doors.


Please visit our showroom to see this type of door.


French Door's

These are where both doors open individually either inwards or outwards. They can be double doors or have a side screen on each side if they are oversized.

Non-Bifold Door

These have the appearance of a bifold door from the outside but with a much more useable door with far less issues compared to an actual bifold door. There would be either a single opening door with tilt and turn windows to the side, so 3 pane look from the outside. This gives the option of opening windows when it's maybe not as nice outside but still a little warm. 

We can also do these with double doors in the centre with the tilt and turn windows either side, giving a 4 or 6 pane look from the outside depending on your sizes. Please visit our showroom to see this type of door.

Double & Single Sliding Doors

These are the most traditional patios doors. Stylish, functional and durable.

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